Online Dating & Sex

“I’ve met so many women through online dating websites over the last 2 years I jsut can’t reccomend it highly enough. I’ve become a little addicted to it. I tend to use the online services as a starting point and then meet up with the girls at coffee shops, restaurants or clubs in Sydney. I only look for short term filings as I don’t want a relationship at this point in my life, I make that clear from the start but you still have to play the game a little. Just becasue it’s short term does not mean you have to make it cheap, I meet girls and treat them well, we have our fun and then move on, it’s not always easy but I set my own rules. I’ve broken a couple of hearts but at the same time I have made some great friends. My sex life is amazing.”

Kev 29 (single straight guy) Sydney NSW

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